About Ruby Powers

I’ve spent my life serving my community, and I’m ready to take my experience to the Texas statehouse as your representative in Austin.

I grew up in San Antonio, and spent my childhood on both sides of the border. My mother’s family was still in Mexico, and we’d go there regularly to see our grandparents. I never had health insurance as a child, so we would also go to see a doctor when we needed to get stitched up.

Growing up, I always knew I’d have to create opportunity for myself. I put myself through college at UT, where I met my husband, Burak. After we got married, I decided to go to law school, where I specialized in immigration. As the daughter and wife of immigrants, I knew that I wanted to focus my career on helping people create opportunity for themselves.

I opened my law firm, Powers Law Group, and started my family with Burak in House District 134. We’ve lived here for over a decade now, and we love our community. I would be honored to represent my neighbors in the Texas state house, and I hope to earn your vote.

I’m running because…

My kids can’t wait for our schools to improve. My son Rex only has five session left before he goes to college. I have advocated for education reform with my local PTA as the Legislative Advocacy Chair and organized parents to lobby in Austin. I’ve seen sessions pass by, year after year, with little to no progress. We need fighters in Austin who aren’t willing to let another session pass, who will fight for real reform and an end to the failed status quo.

Working families in Texas deserve better. I grew up in a Texas that afforded real opportunities, and even though my family was far from well off, my siblings and I were able to find success. Today, it’s getting harder and harder for working families to get by. As a small business owner, I’ve seen the struggles of my employees. I do all I can to help, paying a minimum wage of $15 and offering health insurance coverage and other benefits, but there are limits to what I can do. We need to ensure that no Texan ever has to choose between their job and a sick loved one, and no parent ever has to leave their newborn child in the hospital because they have to go back to work.

I’ve fought for our community, and I’ve seen the impact of hateful legislation. In 2018, when family separation hit, my firm committed hundreds of pro bono hours of work to help families and vulnerable asylum-seekers at the Texas and California border. In 2017, I testified before the Texas Senate on the public safety issues that Senate Bill 4 creates. We need experts in Austin who will fight to repeal SB4 and end attacks on our immigrant community.

Ruby Powers has been married to Burak Powers for 17 years. Together, they have two beautiful children, Rex and Violet.