About Ruby Powers

I am Ruby Powers and I am running for State Representative for Texas House District 134 in 2020. I am a parent, a business owner, and an immigrant rights attorney.  Above all, I am a fierce advocate.


As the mother of two children in public school, I care deeply about the health of our public school system. I have advocated for education reform with my local PTA as the Legislative Advocacy Chair and organized parents to lobby in Austin. I write regular updates on change in policy and help our local communities to support better bills for teachers and students.

Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, I am invested in the health of our local economy. I opened my law firm in 2009, in the heart of the economic crisis. I have steadily built and expanded my firm advocating for those who want to make a better future for themselves in the United States, from individuals to small and midsize companies. The Houston Business Journal recognized my business savvy with a 40 Under 40 Award in 2014 and named me a Women Who Mean Business Women to Watch finalist in 2016. In addition, I completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program and wrote a book about law practice management.  I recognize the difficulties that face small businesses and want to provide a business-friendly environment in our thriving district which participates in a global economy.


Being an immigration lawyer in a sea of constantly-shifting policies is not easy; neither is opening your business in the middle of a recession. But I don’t back down. In 2018, when family separation hit, my firm committed hundreds of pro bono hours of work to help families and vulnerable asylum-seekers at the Texas and California border. In 2017, I testified before the Texas Senate on the public safety issues that Senate Bill 4 creates. I’ve made four trips in 2019 alone to Austin and D.C. to lobby politicians on issues affecting immigration rights. These days I routinely speak on programs and with reporters about immigration issues on the ground. This year I’ve worked with publications ranging from the New York Times, to NPR, to the BBC to give my input on how we can make better policy. But I’ve come to know that speaking out and continuing my work is not enough.

Why I’m Running

I am running to represent District 134 because I care passionately about quality, accessible public education and believe it is the key to Houston’s future.  I want equitable educational policy that supports our kids’ future and by extension, Houston’s future. I want common sense bills that impact immigration and do not propagate fear but inspire prosperity.  I want the state to collaborate with local government to maintain and enhance our city’s infrastructure, especially in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. As a woman who runs her own small business, I know Texas is an ideal place to start a company and I want to keep it that way. We need a strong advocate in Austin, and I want to be that voice in the room, standing up for my constituents and working hard to ensure a better future for Houston and for Texas. Let me zealously represent you with the same passion and tenacity I bring to all of my work.

Ruby Powers has been married to Burak Powers for 17 years. Together, they have two beautiful children, Rex and Violet.